joyspring just the head

yesterday i got really frustrated. i practiced the whole day the head of the joyspring etude by tony and tried to record it.the whole day nothing came out it really got me mad. of course i could rush over the notes but taking in considartion what mr.friedman said about the donna lee solo, taking care of dynamics,the length of the notes and to really make music with it...there was no way to do it for me.then later (it got evening in the mean time) i did what we all know and i pray to my drum students every day...PLAY IT REAL SLOW! i am guilty of not doing it most of the time. it was so hard for me even in that slow tempo to do the dynamics and all that stuff. i recorded it 10 times and after watching the takes i could see where i tend to rush, where i am bad at the length of notes etc. today i woke up early and tried again at a fast tempo (at least for me its fast). and the 2nd version is what came out. still its not perfect but compared to yesterday its god like! i don´t think i got kissed by gary or tony or all the masters in in my dreams during the night but just that slow practice at the end of the day settled down and did the work. sometimes you really should do what you tell other people...


and here is the normal version...i should work for the solo now...

Great ! I like your dynamics Tarik.
I'm working on it this afternoon as well

Go Tifoo! :o)

and after typing that I had to stop because "la sieste de la p'tite" ;-)

I had the time after it to throw it one time :

I'm now waiting for the return of Philippe to ask him to play Joyspring for us.


I really liked that one, maybe because you had accompaniement. The bass helps to round out the harmony overall and then one (like me) can really hear what you are doing musically in relation to the whole tune. BUT,I had to crank my speakers....

why is it so hard to hear everything? Is your mic too far away? do you need better mics or do you just need to run them hotter?

Anyway, I like it.


Sorry for your speakers Bruce, I should record louder, but I get easily saturation when
I record, so I put the recording level low.

As Tarik suggested me, I should use mics instead of my arcam404 (but it so easy...)

tifoo now that i know how difficult for me it was just to record the head...u did the whole thing!!!
amazing! you are my new hero i will need much more time to do the whole see you in month or 2 :)

we only can be heroes surrounded by super-heroes ;-)

It is a great motivation to practice with other people (I've always learn music like that)
so I hope we help each other.
I've always wanted to practice that piece, I think Tony's Etudes are great.
Funny, Barry gave the start signal in the shout.
I'd like to practice the blues etude after.

I'v done an "edit final take" from yesterday's practice : I'll post it here
and then stop spaming the site with all that Joy !

Tifoo, I liked that. Just finished seeing and listening to it a minute ago. You have been working and guess what, I could hear this one without cranking my speakers. Thanks. It was very nice man.

BruceW :-)

Tifoo, what is Arcam404?

It is a portable video recorder/player/hard disk (30GB) (it has a big screen on it)
it is about the size of the palm of my hand.
I use it a lot to record on the fly and to transfer files from my home to my work.

here is a better model for example :

Hi Tarik,

The A section sounds really nice. Nice phrasing and nice, functional harmony. You might want to check out the notes in the bridge, however. I would skip over the Real Book version and go directly to the source; Clifford Brown's version with Max Roach.

Keep up the great work!

hmmm that would be my fault then since i wrote the etude!!!
Tony Miceli
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thank you very much david for your kind words.its really motivating for me to get feed back and you are right in the bridge i missed some notes in the faster version. so i don´t think its tonys fault.but there are some differences in the etude and in the real book version. i tried also to add some flames which are not notated cause i thought they would fit...i just wonder if i were tonys private student and as he said he would recommend me to play it in different keys i would like to know how much time he would give me for that since i needed 2 whole days just to get though the just the head and i did not even look for the solo yet.but memoryzing and transposing it to a different key is still something which seems to be impossible for me to do with such a complex tune...but maybe one day....

You're doing great! The more yopu do it the better it'll become. Also, singing the melody has always helped me tremendously. I hear the intervalic relationships better and it gives me an over all feeling for the arc of the tune. Tony's idea about playing tunes in different keys is great! Just take your time, step by step.

That was something Tifoo!
Great full tune!
PS. I hope the little one had a good "sieste"! :o)

yeah man slow. i forget sometimes also. but that's amazing and more comes out of that for your brain than playing fast. know what i mean?

you have to play on the next vibe hang!

Tony Miceli
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