James Whiting - Youtube clip of 'Reaction' from Debut album "BURBANK"

Hi Guys!

Check out my youtube clip of my recent album launch gig in Sydney, Australia!


To buy the album check out my website - jameswhiting.com.au



Warm Vibes!



That a great band and some great music James! Keep it up!! :o)
- M

Thanks Marie!

It'd be great to hear what some other cats think!


You know sometimes guys watch, truly enjoy, and just don't comment! :o)
I'm sure it's the case this time as well.
And... you're planned in the next Newsletter this time again! ;-)
Keep it up Vibes' Dundee!
- M

Looking forward to the newsletter! I have a launch gig in Melbourne next Thursday, so I'll hopefully get some videos from that. I'm waiting for the others from the Sydney gig to be approved by the band :)

More to come!!!