Workshop, Limerick, Ireland

5 Day Workshop
July 25-29, 2017

Featuring Tony Miceli

Tony Miceli

Irish Vibes Workshop!

Irish Flag

Limerick Ireland

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When: July 25th through the 29th, 2015.

Where: Peter Day Academy
7 Cresent Villas, O' Connell Avenue, Limerick
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Here comes another great workshop in Ireland! This is a great and affordable workshop. We'll have instruments and practice rooms. So we'll work hard all day and then you guys will practice at night! This is a smaller workshop and I'll have more individual time with everyone.

We'll have a bass player in most afternoons of the workshop, a final performance and of course a vibe hang!

There will be at least 3 instruments there so you will have time to practice in the evenings.
We will work on an etude a day and a tune a day, so we will work hard!!!

This is a great opportunity to put in some quality time with the vibraphone!

Peter Dee Academy

Peter Dee Academy has plenty of rooms and pianos to work and study in.

The workshop is:

For the vibe workshop: $65 (approximately €60) for subscribers per day, $90 (approximately €85) for non-subscribers per day

For the vibe workshop and the evening general workshop (only 2 positions available - first come) $20 (approximately €19) for subscribers $35 (approximately €33) for non-subscribers, additional.

Our hotel of choice is the Limerick City Hotel. (€69 w/Breakfast) no 00353 61 207000  Lauren Higgins is the contact there. Please use Limerick Jazz as booking ref to get this rate.

Limerick City Inn Click for the website


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Time Class
9:30AM Voicing Bootcamp
10:00AM Master Class
11:30PM Lunch and Practice Time
1:30pm Afternoon Masterclass
3:30PM Break
6:00PM Evening Jazz Class