Idle Moments by Bobby Hutcherson & Grant Green

if you really want to relax this is the right mood. i dig all solo´s on it and i don´t care how much they slowed down during the whole song. who played vibes on this?


Very cool moment! Thanks Tarik. Tell me is your question about the vibist a real question? ;-)

Man this really slows down a lot but its great, Hutch playing vibes, Cheers Tarik



Man, maybe 10 years ago I transcribes all the vibes solos on this CD, they must be in a smelly box somewhere at this point. If I can find them I will scan and post. Super swingin Bobby!

Check out from the same era, Bobby recorded on a couple Cd's with Joe Henderson and also Dexter Gordon. he plays real inside, and minimal. Great for transcribing and playing along.