Get the Dampening and Pedaling Book Here!

Every vibe player should have this book. Here's a link to buy it!

The link is down below and to the right!


Please, does someone has an idea where I could order this one and get it shipped to France?

I'll ask my former vibes teacher, they may know, But if anyone has the info here I will appreciate.


Nico Farrugia

How can this be?!

We've searched on the net... nothing in Europe found.
A Swiss supplier is even def. out of stock...

David?! Charly? Where can European get it?


- M

Hey I checked out that I can order it very easily in germany ;-)

It costs 14,- Euros.

But I don't know if they send it to france.
But anyway I can send it to you, no problem :-)

If anyone in europe can't get the book, then please ask me to send you one!

The shop I would order it:


Thank you Charly for the info !

I confirm that this shop has the book AVAILABLE and ships in Europe! :)
I just ordered one and should receive it in the next days.

:=) everything's ok to get it from that shop in Germany! :) (17 euros including 3 euros for shipping).

I'm ready to practice now :)

Thank you all.

And hey David, maybe the new version would be cool? :)

if you want want, i'll order it and then send it to you if you can't find a spot there.

but i think steve weiss will send it to france won't he?

try to order it from here:

let me know what happens.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

I wanted to order it from Steve Weiss, but they only ship in United States.

Hi Nico!

I've ordered minimum 2times at Steveweiss - use their fax form, fill it in, scan it and send it to them by email - they are really nice and do send it over to you (you will need a credit card!).

Only that it takes some time to get it through the post services - no import tax into the EC since the price is below Euro 150.

Cheers Stefan from Austria/EUROPE

I'll check with Herbert Brandt here in Germany. If he's out, I call Steve Weiss. I know he just did a last printing and Norksmusikforlag has asked me to write an "update" version with CD, etc. I'll keep everybody posted.

what do you mean? the book will be out of print???

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

Well Tony, Steve calls me as as the stock gets depleted and asks me if we should do another printing. I've said yes up until now. On the other hand, Norsk is putting pressure (in a good way!) to do a new updated version of the book in color, with pictures, CD, maybe DVD. I'm kind of torn between doing it because they want me to and wanting to do something new. They think it would be a big seller with a new cover, corrections, maybe with a couple of extra etudes, a CD of me playing the etudes, etc. I haven't done anything yet because It feels a little bit like turd polishing(You know the expression?). Not that I liken the book to a turd but, you know, I've done it already.(Wow this is really soul baring!) Anyway, I'll make a decision within the next couple of months. In the mean time I assume the book is still available.

i would just hate for the book not to be around for a year.

why don't you just do the next version of the book?? then we'd all have to buy 2 books off of you. that book is so undated.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

Seeing and hearing really helps David. I just bought the "...turd..." today but would also buy the new one just because of the DVD. A CD is not enough to make me give up my turd. Its gotta be a DVD to be truly soul baring. LOL

Todd Canedy
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