Gergő Borlai, hungarian drummer


This guy is awesome! Creative, accurate, tireless, and still so soft and mastering!

Thanks for sharing Richard!

- M


Tom P.

This guy's got great chops, but how does he "play" in music?????????????

Absolutely great drummer in his fusion jazz band, great leader and time keeper :)) He is not a swing or mainstream jazz musician, you are right. Here, in Hungary, Borlai the "only one" who can play this kind of fusion jazz drumming. He is "our" Vinnie, Weckl, Chambers. :))))

My very best,

I asked Ferenc yesterday if he knows him...only by reputation. He's pretty highly regarded, as you mentioned. Can't wait to hear him with a band.


If you follow the "next" pointers on the top of the video for a few clicks you'll come to a video of him doing a recording session -- adding the drum track to a pre-recorded fusion thing. Pretty neat...

Tom P.