Family Guy - Check Out This Part

Not sure how long they will leave this up. If you don't want to watch the whole thing get it to about 30:30 seconds, Peter is in the board room and there's a big band playing. I love this vid!


Only available for the US... Pff...

I remember falling on floor laughing when I saw the original of that as a kid. By the way, the original uses the same recording, but Jerry Lewis is MUCH funnier than the animated character -- the animated character is kind of stone-faced. The original's on YouTube at

Tom P.

not sure if you guys have seen this but its ridiculous!


Has this word got the same negative meaning than in French? It's interesting to read from you then Mike! :o)

Yes we posted this some time ago. I couldn't find it yet, but from the memory I have of it, the opinions were quite more positive!

As for me, I remember cracking up in front of it! (sorry! ;o)

- M

Hey Marie,
Thank you jen for making what I said clear, the term "Ridiculous" in english is not negative! It can be, but it is really context sensitive. What I really meant was super funny. So I used just the term Ridiculous which translates to super funny in this context! language can be so varied!


Thanks Mike (and Jen!) I feel better now! And I learned something!
Yes languages have an infinity of levels, wrong sense, tricks... I love it! A never ending disovery! :o)

Thank you Mike P, Tom and Tony M. for these funny postings ---I watched them all!

Mike P., the guy mouthing the words to the video you linked was really funny!!--Do you know who the guy in the vido IS?--just wondering!
I loved his reaction to and after the drum solos! :)

And Marie-Noelle, I think the word ridiculous in the English language has now taken on many more meanings than the original found in dictionary .com.---I think Mike Pinto meant it more to be used as "funny"????--Not Sure...Marie-Noelle...What can only be seen in the US? the YouTube videos linked?...or "The Family Guy" Episode on Hulu?
From Dictionary .com:
ri·dic·u·lous   /rɪˈdɪkyələs/ Show Spelled[ri-dik-yuh-luhs] Show IPA
causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable:
1540–50; < LL rīdiculōsus laughable, droll, and L rīdiculus (adj. deriv. of rīdiculum ridicule); see -ous
—Related forms
ri·dic·u·lous·ly, adverb
ri·dic·u·lous·ness, ri·dic·u·los·i·ty  /rɪˌdɪkyəˈlɒsɪti/ Show Spelled[ri-dik-yuh-los-i-tee] Show IPA, noun
nonsensical, ludicrous, funny, droll, comical, farcical. See absurd.

Tom P, The Jerry Lewis version was also sooo funny and well-done!!! Thank you for that link also!
And Tony M.---I loved the "Family Guy" episode posted! ---Very Funny....Even the beginning, where they are locked in a bank vault.
Thanks to all for the great laughs!--They were very much needed today! :))))
Carla Jenkins