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Giovanni Perin Masterclass @ Toronto University (Part 5) 10/11/18
Dominant 7th Chord Scales 10/28/18
The Bebop Blues Form 12/06/18
Parker and Coltrane Blues Form (G. Perin) 12/27/18
The Diatonic and Chromatic Approach (G. Perin) 01/30/19
Enclosure (G. Perin) 02/09/19
How to develop your "Inner Metronome" (G. Perin) 04/03/19
"Falling Grace", Burton Transcription (G. Perin) 05/23/19
How to Harmonize a Melody: "Georgia on my Mind" (G. Perin) 07/06/19
How to Harmonize a Melody Part II: "Georgia on my Mind" (G. Perin) 07/21/19
A new approach for learning major and minor triads (G. Perin) 08/06/19
Gospel (G. Perin) 09/24/19
Triadic Playing (solo Technique) G. Perin 10/24/19
Alternate vs Double Stroke Sticking (G. Perin) 11/26/19
My Personal Thought on Ballad Playing 01/27/20
Ballad Playing: a couple of harmonic trick I use (G. Perin) 01/27/20
Ballad Playing: a couple of harmonic trick I use (G. Perin) 01/27/20
The Harmony of McCoy Tyner 03/12/20
Mc Coy Tyner Lick (G. Perin) 05/13/20
Joe Locke's fastest lick transcribed! (G. Perin) 05/26/20
Autumn Leaves Bebop Reharmonization (G. Perin) 06/24/20
Autumn Leaves My personal Reharmonization (G. Perin) 07/03/20
Dave Samuels' favourite chords: the Constant Structure trick 07/22/20
Dave Samuels: Rhythmic Displacement Soloing Techniques 07/26/20
II-V-I Challenge 08/28/20
Dave Samuels' Lick Explained 08/29/20
Easy Mallets Books Presentation 09/11/20
Bluesy Double Stops (G. Perin) 10/01/20
Advanced Double Stops (G. Perin) 10/01/20
Simple rules for harmonization (1-5 & 7-3): Blue Bossa (G. Perin) 10/28/20
Advanced Rules for Harmonization (L.h. 3-7+ extensions in R.H.): Stella By Starlight 10/28/20
Runs aka Fast Impressive Lines (pt. 1) 11/11/20
Runs aka Fast Impressive Lines (pt. 2) 11/11/20
Bebop Soloing Techniques 12/29/20
Bebop scale harmonization (G. Perin) 12/30/20
Create Angular & Quartal Lines using Pentatonics 01/30/21
How to Harmonize a Pentatonic Scale 01/30/21
Turnaround: Basic Substitutions (G. Perin) 03/02/21
Turnaround: Triton Substitutions (G. Perin) 03/02/21