Donna Lee - Milt jackson clark Terry FAST!

That´s a fast Donna Lee version...I think even too fast for them...


Clark Terry Oscar Peterson and NHOP are at ease, Milt is poorly sonorized then it's hard to hear him clearly. I saw live NHOP and Philippe Catherine play DL even faster, and NHOP was even more flying...
Thanks for posting ! Good to se theses old musicians (at that time) take this challenge, instead to play at a cosy tempo...

hmmm, i didn't hear any vibes on the head. was milt NOT playing the head?

He is playing on the last head.

phewwww i was worried!!! i needed him to play that head and hang with those cats!! :-)

He surely had the opportunity to play DL with Charlie Parker himself when it was composed while they were young cats, then no worry about him ! :o)
I noticed that NHOP is smiling during Milt solo, hope it was because of the playing !

NHOP and Milt have a long association. There is no doubt that the smile is a recognizeable one of satisfaction in what Milt is playing.

As for the first head, Milt appeared to be working on his strings and posts.

Just another day at the shop for those cats.