Deagan's History

This video link has been floating around FB from some of my percussion friends from college. Gives a pretty cool insight to the rise and fall of the Deagan company and some of the artists and key figures involved with that era of mallet percussion manufacturing.


Thanks for posting that, Jason. Enjoyed watching it, and I've really gotten back into playing my 40 year old Deagan once again. I can't really explain the uniqueness of the sound, but I can sure hear it.

Thanks for posting :-).

Tom P.

this was very interesting!

but it was pretty cool

Very interesting. It seems that Deagan was an advocate for playing by ear. "Just play along with the Victrola." I wonder if Aebersold made any wax cylinders or 78s? It also looks like Musser only recruited female players. I wonder what the story behind that is?