A Dave Brubeck Christmas

Since a bunch of you 'cats' are out there learning Christmas tunes I thought I'd post this. Why? Cause I have a good paying party tonight and I'm gonna have to play Christmas tunes so I pulled out my Christmas stash to quickly learn and remember these tunes.

The Brubeck album is all solo stuff all arranged really well. You guys will dig it. Not vibes related but you'll get some ideas of neat changes for the tunes. His version of Jingle Bells was really cool.



What is the instrumentation for the gig? Can you record some and post it?


playing xmas tunes. no way!

maybe though i'll record a tune here and post it.

man I PLAYED LAST NIGHT with diane monroe and tony marino. i meant to record that. it was incredible. two MONSTERS. they played their asses off. it was really an incredible experience and i forgot to record it.

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