University of Delaware


Beiner Bags is a family owned and operated business that started out as a very small idea about 5 years ago. We wanted to create a durable bag that wouldn't fall apart in a short time, one that would grow with a student's or professional's musical needs. A bag that really fit the every day percussionist's lifestyle. Something easy to get around with , comfortable and most importantly something that would last!

We have tested all of our bags for not only a few months, but for a few years, at colleges and universities were they would take the most abuse and see the most action. All of the reviews and feedback were very positive and satisfying. We at Beiner Bags really strive to put out the best and highest quality products possible without cutting any corners. Our customers come back to us time and time again for quality work and reliability on all of their custom case needs. We are truly a one of a kind bag company who will go the extra mile to make our clients fully satisfied with what they are purchasing. What other case company will custom design you a case to satisfy any need you may have! We are a company that is here for you.