Orchestral Percussion

It is our desire to make to the worlds most musical, powerful and responsive drum and mallet controllers ever created. Whether you play the marimba or the vibes, acoustic drums or any other percussion or electronic percussion instrument, we want to create new tools of expression for you to enjoy for years to come!

For the Marimba, Vibraphone and Mallet Player.
The malletKAT has been serving percussionists since 1985! The instrument is designed to give you the standard tools of expression such as dampening, dead stroking, sustain control and more to make your MIDI Vibes or MIDI Marimba experience seem natural and intuitive. But there are vasts amount of new colors and gestures implemented on the malletKAT to allow you to bend pitches, control vibrato, play multiple sounds simultaneously and much much more. When you transfer your marimba or vibe technique onto the malletKAT, you will discover new forms of expression that you never thought possible. Please "TAKE THE MALLETKAT TOUR" to find out more.

For the Drummer and Percussionist
We offer several electronic drum configurations, each offering tremendous power and control for the musician. The drumKAT is our classic controller. The trapKAT , our most drum like, offers 24 pads plus bass drum and hihat to give you a gigantic drum kit in a small compact footprint. Our drum controllers are incredibly dynamic and responsive to your playing style. The worlds most famous drummers have been using our product for years as they are rock solid and road worthy.

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