Angel Pereira : cool Spanish Percussionist/Mallet Player

I just friended this guy on myspace. His stuff is really cool. Thought I'd pass it on.


The link doesn't seem to work... at least for me...

link fixed

s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

I dig them all, especially that first sample "Cajonmania"!

This music is very close from "Jaleo" a group I discovered when Norbert Lucarain was playing with them (vibes/marimba/percu).

They too include a flamenco basis (spanish guitar/percu/singer/palmas). To this was added some mid-oriental guitars (oud, saz...), indian percussions and jazz guitar. One more originality is a singer/danser, an incredible lady who is "playing" duets with percussionists! You can have a short (though low quality) sample at this link (go up to 1"30):

There's also a sample of a song who is a dialogue between the Spanish and Indian percussionists, both using their instruments and voices in Spanish and Tamoul in some kind of funny rap...! (music is a language...):

I wish I add more to show, especially with mallets... but all the gigs have's seen with them were awesome! A great example of mixing of musical cultures, all in harmony. I'm not quite sure it really shows on those samples, but they really are incredible!

you should post the links as weblinks.

you choose post and then you should see 'weblinks'. if not let me know and i'll set you up. more people will watch them!!

good stuff from our french connection!

s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

I had a look on my blog entry about Norbert, no "weblink" mentioned...
Is that what you meant?
Btw I have another link with this band, Norbert playing!