Joe Locke Solo Vibes Arrangements

For your information:

Joe Locke just released a collection of six compositions arranged for solo vibes. I have played through a couple of them and they are beautiful! A great addition to the vibraphone repertoire.


Haven't you helped on this work? Maybe I'm wrong...
Anyhow thanks for letting us know! :o)

I did help a bit but I wouldn't dare take any credit. The music is 100% Joe!

Sure. The music is Joe's. No doubt. But you did help... I don't care if "a bit". I'm just glad of it! :o)

Dana - Just downloaded these compositions and they look great. Minor point: I did notice that 'Available in Blue' has notes that are slightly cut off on the last line of the first page. If you have contact with Joe you might want to point that out so it can get fixed.

All I can say for sure is that it helped me a lot to get a hint about the cut-off notes on "Available...". So, thank you for the heads up. It's fixed. Let me know if you would like me to email you a fresh version of the PDF.

Go Nadja!

I am hanging with Joe, who asked me to send you a message and post here that its being taken care of. You beat me to it :)

Greetings to you both (and all the others you will meet) from us here! Have fun!! :o)

Thanks - yes, I'd love a fresh fixed version of the PDF. Email is -

By the way - just saw Joe's concert at PASIC in Austin tonight. Fantastic! First time seeing him live. A real treat.

No problem - just sent it off. Let me know in case it gets stuck.

Glad to hear you enjoyed The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group last night. A truly mind blowing band.

Nadja - Got the new part and it looks great. Thanks.

Had a chance to talk to Joe a little bit today and really enjoyed it. He seems to be not only a great player but a terrific person. There was a high school girl at one of the PASIC booths who was playing a Charlie Parker tune. Joe got a big kick out of it and went out of his way to take some time with her. You could tell how inspired she was and what that meant to her.

Yes, that sounds like Joe. He's an inspiring and generous teacher.
He did a series of masterclasses and workshops in the UK last month (The Royal Academy of Music "lent" him out to the Royal Northern in Manchester and Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow), and it was highly invigorating to see him communicate his approach to becoming and being a musician, a creative spirit and remaining a modest human being. The students seem to get a huge amount of insight and motivation out of it.
It was quite astonishing.

Glad you go the new "Available..." version. Have fun playing!

Just bought "Sword of Whispers" and "Snowfall In Central Park". Really looking forward to digging into these!

Joe was incredible at PASIC. I was fortunate enough to spend a significant amount of time with him Saturday; I'm honored that he was so willing to give his time to a young guy like me when he was obviously very busy throughout the day. He's a musician that has bridged the gap between one's art and their humanity-truly a transcendental artist.

These etudes are a real treasure for the Vibraphone Literature.
I think the "Blues For Gilbert" days are over.
These new pieces bring harmony, melody, technique and soul - altogether.
Qualities that are not commonly combined in solo vibraphone pieces.
I'm gonna start with "Available in Blue".......

A hearty thank you to the Vibesworkshop for enabling me to let folks here know about my new collection of solo pieces for the vibraphone.
I have received an outpouring of interest in the pieces and look forward to hearing some of you play them! -JL