Merry Christmas from James Whiting!


Just wanted to drop a line and wish everyone a Happy Holiday season! I threw together this little recording tonight, hope you enjoy.

Warm Vibes,


Thanks James. All warm vibes back at ya! :o)

Ok. Couldn't resist: found the changes and worked a bit on them. The sound is not good, I really just "mess around" and I think my vibes and his recording are slighty out of tune.

Never mind. It was fun jamming with my Australian buddy and share it with you!! :o)

- M

PS: corny huh? Yes!! (;-)

Haha very cool, Marie. Was great to play with you haha. Some nice counter melodies and harmonic lines in there that you played. And yes the piano is out of tune ontop of me using my vibes with the 442 bars :P