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Just a little clue for you guys: if you enjoy Joe's music and that you haven't done it yet you might like to subscribe to his newsletter: all updates about him monthly by Nadja. AND... some special "treatment" on his music store in September. ;-)
- M

Thanks for the nod, Marie!

We've setup a 10% off September purchases deal for all you members at Vibes Workshop, giving you 10% off until the end of September 2011.
Just enter "vws10pc-1109" as voucher code when you check out.

There might still be some teething problems, which we're trying to iron out as we go along. But please rest assured that I'm on standby to push through those odd missing download links in case they occur. :o)

I tried to purchase sheet music and the price didn't change after entering the voucher (I went till the step before to confirm with paypal)

Thanks, Babu. Is it possible that you didn't hit the "redeem voucher" button next to the coupon code field after entering it? Without doing that, the discount won't be deducted...

Let me know if it still doesn't work ( :o)

Thanks, you were right, I didn't press the button "redeem the voucher", because my poor english (I didn't understand what it was meaning, then I didn't do....). Yeah, for the same price I had an english lesson ! :o))

... and thanks for test driving the store! :o)