Milt Jackson - Soul Fusion

Talking about swing!!! man, this album swings to the max. I just love Monty Alexander. Also a member of the site, Frits Landesergen, plays drums with the Monty Alexander Trio when he plays in Europe. Pretty cool.

Anyway I know some stuff Monty did with Jef hamilton also, I'm not sure if Jeff plays on this album, but I think he does, by the sound of it....

This is really a great Buy it!!

Or get Rhapsody! I'm addicted to that. You only pay like 10 bucks a month and you can listen to everything!! sooo cooolll!!



I didn't know that Rhapsody was available in Holland, so that's great! I'm addicted to it as well, and it has allowed me to finally hear albums that I could never afford to buy otherwise. For me, I happpen to like the hard bop players from the early sixties, so Rhapsody allowed me to finally hear Ike Quebec, Lem Winchester, Eddie Harris, Yusef Lateef, and the list goes on and on. These are the type of artists where you just don't know where to start as far as listening to them, so to have most of their records at your fingertips is really a blessing. It's really turned my head around as far as my taste in jazz.

Plus it's tax-deductible in the U.S. if you're a working musician.

easily one of my fav milt albums!