TOTM - Satin Doll - My favorite version

This is from a McCoy Tyner record called "A Night of Ballads and Blues." It's an awesome trio recording from 1963 on the Impulse label. He did a few trio records for Impulse, and they're my favorite piano trio recordings!

Imagine this, in 1963, he was playing in Trane's quartet and still doing recordings like this. Amazing versatility.


This is so great. McCoy is just amazing and to think he was doing a whole different thing with Trane at this time. I haven't listened to this record in a while, so I was glad to be reminded. The supertrios are also really awesome....later McCoy but smoking. Thanks Behn!


Major thank you for turning me onto this album!

It's so weird for me to here McCoy in this context. It's not his Real McCoy pentatonic thing which I am so used to hearing. I got some more listening to do!