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Stella by Starlight is one of those gems that never gets old, at least for me. The changes are so interesting to play over, even after playing the tunes on probably hundreds of gigs! Here is a slightly different take on it, as played by my West Coast quartet fairly recently... (I live in NYC now).
Thanks for checking it out, feedback always welcome.

And here's a question for you fellow players: What are YOUR timeless standards, the tunes that no matter how many times you hear or play them, they never get old? I'd be curious to know... most of us have a handful of favorite tunes, and it's a different list for everyone.

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gilbranimo Thu, 05/08/2014 - 01:45

I love this tune and it sounds great in 6/8. Thanks for sharing this.

Nature boy is a tune that I love playing and listening to. The changes aren't as interesting as stella but there is something about the melody and feel of it that speaks to me. It also sounds good in 6/8.


Marvel Thu, 05/08/2014 - 02:14

I agree, Stella and Nature Boy are beautiful, and never get old. Personally, I'd add Blue in Green. And Green Dolphin Street -- I'm such a sucker for that tune.

But I mention these only as a listener. I only know how to play a handful of tunes, and those aren't any of them!