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There are some great instruments out there. I have been playing different instruments for years and years. There's a good vibraphone down in Argentina. I forget the name, it begins with an F. It's cool and sounds good.

I like the sound of the Yamaha, and of course the musser. Good instruments.

I just have never played anything like an Omega. I just got the Formula 5 bars, there latest recipe. They're beautiful. I have 3 different bar recipes in my house and they're all incredible. I'm just in love with this instrument.

And to be honest you know what, if I here someone say something negative about the instrument I think 2 things. I first think, well, David Friedman, Joe Locke, Stefan Harris and Warren Wolf say it's the best instrument out there. Secondly, I think you just haven't played one. Or played one for any length of time.

I recorded myself playing with the newest Omega bars. I don't know if the sound comes through with my mics. They're just pretty good. The mics I mean! But I listen to it and am blown away by the quality.

You know, Joe, Stefon, Warren and myself have worked on this instrument for 5 years now. So we have something invested in all this. I wish we could start a vibe war. Get all the vibe makers, competing against each other and just pushing the instrument forward.

At PASIC I played two very popular instruments, and both were f'd up. One was almost unplayable. Well it was until I fixed it. I was in front of an audience. I want all these instrument makers to totally up their game. Do you realize that some of these designs have been untouched for decades? That's just not cool.

So here's what I hope. I hope by helping to make what I think is the best vibraphone out there, that it wakes all these mo' fo's up and gets them making great instruments for us. NOT colleges, NOT marching bands, for us the players!

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IndianaGlen Sun, 01/14/2018 - 11:45


First and foremost, even on MP3 that vibe sounds incredible. Thank you Leigh for all the hard work and pushing the instrument in a positive direction. Better instruments will make better players, better players make better music, better music will get more listeners. The vibe is a system and the best sound comes when every component works together, from the frame, to the damper, to the resonators, to the bars.

I agree with Tony as I'd sure love to see the Omega be a wake-up call to the other manufactures to both improve quality control and innovate.

Granted Tony makes that vibe sing and his playing has a lot to do with the sound. Can you put up a higher res version for download?

tonymiceli Mon, 01/15/2018 - 21:43

In reply to by IndianaGlen

i just recorded with friedman with two omegas with formula 5 bars. with very expensive mics. it was GREAT!

i hear some pedal noise with this instrument on the recording. that's my fault. i need to take better care of my stuff! my instruments get beat up from being moved around constantly!

BUT the bars are AMAZING. but also, i have two other sets of bars. omega bars, and i like the sound of all of them!

IndianaGlen Tue, 01/16/2018 - 08:30

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Way back in Kindergarten I learned how important sharing was. I'd love to hear this on my stereo, pedal noise and all.

Full disclosure, I also learned that me sharing MY graham crackers was not as fun as someone sharing them with me. But I've mellowed some after 5 decades.

Piper Thu, 01/18/2018 - 03:22

Here Here Tony. The playing and the instrument sound fantastic! As I'm listening to it, I'm wondering if Leigh's ear is fine tuning to the sounds and character of the vibraphone bars and resonators as he continues to push the envelope! Very beautiful.

Piper Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:35

In reply to by tonymiceli

He might have gotten in on it back in the day but I think actually tuning bars for Musser was below his pay grade. He definitely has an ear for all the nuances and the ability to "listen deep" into all aspects of the instrument. No doubt about that. The instrument sounds amazing and so do you Tony.

tonymiceli Thu, 01/18/2018 - 13:44

In reply to by Piper

he was a consultant and because of him they changed how they tuned bars. that's what i mean! he worked for them for a few years as i remember.

drumhalla Thu, 01/25/2018 - 15:27

Hi Tony,
I am going to be honest. This is the first time I like the sound of the Omega vibraphone on any recording I've heard anywhere. But now, these bars sound amazing! This is a huge improvement for Malletech. I have to start saving up. But are these for sale? Can you order an Omega Vibraphone with formula 5 bars? Which mallets did you use on this recording?
Your music on the other hand is amazing as usual!



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