Bluesette - Chord Analysis by Tony Miceli

A short analysis of Bluesette. Also here is a pdf of chords and scales and a lead sheet


Hello Tony,
I love your bluesette video, and I 'd like to be able to play it like you.
Your pdf of bluesette-scales seems to be the blue-bossa-scales.
Would it be possible to get a copmping example (with rythms) of your left hand to practice ?
keep it up, love your site...


hopefully this wed i'll have time to make some quick videos, i'll talk about comping.

i think i can give you some ideas..

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oops i put the blue bossa scales up instead of the bluessette.

however why doesn't someone else do the scales for bluessette and we could all check them out.

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Hey Tony,

You did put up the Bluesette scales, but only the title says Blue Bossa.

i am the ultimate space cadet. ok i get it. i'll have to fix it.

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"Urine test for me" That's so damn funny Tony. I'll try to put up an analysis tomorrow with chord scales and how the chords in Bluesette move the song along but as far as the rhythms go... this is where it really comes down to listening to this kind of music and developing a love for it. It would be a huge waste of time to notate the rhythms of Tony's comping.

Heads up.
Scales PDF is for Blue Bossa.


I just wanted to throw my novice comment in here. I was checking out Aebersold's second book, "Nothin' But Blues," and he lists what he says is often called "Bird Blues," which is simply the chords for Blues for Alice. The reason I wanted to mention it is that he notes the "descending root movement coupled with a cycle of fourths (upward)." There are a couple of tritone substitutions to create II-V's in Blues for Alice and Bluesette, but it's the skeleton for all three tunes mentioned so far:

Bird Blues(in F)

|| F | E-A7 | D-G7 | C-F7 | Bb7 | Bb- | A- | Ab- | G- | C7 | A-D7 | G-C7||

Just a noticed two cents.

cool, thanks for posting this! everyone can see an example of the bird blues. you mention the tri tone subs, to it would be:

E- Eb7 | D- Db7 | C-7 B7 |

right?? that's cool.