Blues (Testing the MalletKat Out) by Tony Miceli

The ultimate thing for me is a decent vibe sound. I dig this sound and am getting very comfortable with it and playing it.

This is a different instrument and you have to approach things differently, but I know I'll get better at playing the vibe sound. But I don't think this isn't too bad.

It's great because I 'almost' (like the big fish that got away, huh?) got a gig in South Africa with a band last year. I'm not sure if I could have got a set of vibes. And this was a funky kind of loud band. I could do it with the malletKat.

I still love the sound and feel of the vibraphone. And with this model of the malletKat, I feel very comfortable. The most comfortable so far. I'm practicing on this instrument and having fun with it. I always had fun with the malletKat but I didn't feel totally close to it. I feel close to this instrument and I haven't even learned it yet.

I'm getting the manual out and going from page one until the last page. And I'll learn it!

BTW - The bass is also from the malletKat


Tony, I agree, I am enjoying the sounds and some of the other sounds a lot. How did you do the bass?

just played it. did the vibes first and then the bass.

So it was an overdub?

Yep. No let me take that back, I played both parts of the same exact time. Just kidding

You a bad cat Tony!