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New TOTMs, Green Dolphin Street and You Don't Know What Love Is

Hi everyone,

Tony and I discussed our new TOTMs. We thought it would be a good idea to include a ballad in this one, so we'll study You Don't Know What Love Is along with Green Dolphin Street.

I'm kicking off the new TOTMs with a dampening etude on Green Dolphin Street!

Behn Gillece needs your help!

Hi everyone,

As many of you may know, my debut album "Mindset" was just released last Friday. For anyone interested in purchasing a copy, it's available on the normal sites (Amazon, iTunes: )

I've also been asked about signed copies, which I'd be more than happy and willing to do. For a signed, physical CD, purchase it from my website ( ) and specify "Signed copy" in the PayPal shipping instructions.

New TOTMs as of 11-10-14

Hey everyone,

It's about that time to wrap up our current TOTMs "All The Things You Are" and "Prince Albert." It would be great to see everyone posting some final versions!

Our new TOTMs will include "Take The "A" Train" and "It's You Or No One." I'll be posting an introductory lesson to A Train shortly.


2014 Behn Gillece University of Delaware Assignment

Hey guys,

Great workshop last Wednesday. The assignment is posted to the blackboard in the percussion room, but I'll post it here also. You can post your finished assignments here as well:

Compose a short etude on marimba or vibes. Use a recurring vamp theme. Etude must contain at least two different tonal centers. Provide a mp3 and written music with your post. Good luck!

Discussion of Education and Technology - Your opinions and feedback please!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to reach out and wish a great 2014 to all the members and supporters of vibesworkshop. We started off the year with a tremendous vibes congress in NJ, and I'm looking forward to the things we do on this site in the coming year.

Holiday Bonus!!! Post an exercise, get a free Skype lesson.

Happy holidays everyone!

To the first person who posts a decent version of my video lesson, Dominant & Minor Workout "Full Exercise" Pt. 2, I will do a lesson on Skype for free.


1. Decent means it doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be mostly accurate, and it can be any tempo, slow or fast.
2. You have to post it on the lesson:

Good luck!


Our new TOTMs

Hi everyone,

For the next few weeks, we will be studying Summertime and Wave. These are great tunes for the TOTM, many things to talk about with both. I will be posting the first introductory lesson on Summertime shortly.


New Tune of the Month(s)?

Hi Everyone,

It's about that time to wrap up the TOTMs we've been working on (Ornithology and Peace). Please post ANYTHING you have on these tunes! It can be just the melody, a chord melody, a version with a play along, etc. Since some of you have probably worked so hard on your TOTMs, this is a great way to document your hard work. So attach your versions to this post, or any of the lesson posts for feedback, etc.

Great chart on TOTM Peace

Here's a chart of the TOTM "Peace". Really clear, and has all the little details.

Our next TOTMs (yes, it's plural!)

Hi everyone,

Next week, we enter the month of July, time for a clean, new start on a Tune of the Month.

I've spoken with Tony, and we've decided that it may be a good idea to have 2 tunes to study for next month, each of varying difficulty.

Everyone is welcome to study whichever one they see fit, or both, doesn't matter, but be assured that there will be lessons on both tunes. I suggested Autumn Leaves to Tony awhile back as a nice, simple one, but forgot that we did that one a couple of years ago (isn't that crazy? We've been doing TOTMs that long now!)